memories of the landscape

The  memory of the landscape, what did people do, signs of culture through time. Working at the excavation in Hoorn confronted me with a layer of burnt material underneath the floor. And burnt wood/coal: a result from a blacksmith fireplace. Especially this burnt reduced material was for me the start of a new series. I try to interweave, to integrate, old and new. To work with these pigments that comes from archaeological excavations, my painting materials refer to the past landscape. I will give it a new form inspired by the questions: Where does this material come from? Where is it used for? What are the stories we know and what does it tell me? I use that old material to paint and arrange my thoughts on canvases and transparent cloth. Working with this old material asked me the question: how did they make paint in the earlier days. So nowadays, I’m making paint with Arabic gum or egg as a binder. It is more vulnerable, but that is part of the expression of my work. Works of long ago with these materials still exist; they have past into our time. With these old methods, from buried materials and themes, I try to bring the past into the present. Different layers, thoughts and vulnerability are what I want to show in my paintings.